breath work


Individual Breath Work Sessions for those who may feel too shy to attend a group or who feel an urgency to have a session sooner than a group breath Work is scheduled, individual Holotropic Breath Work sessions may be the answer.

Each breath session is designed around a specific intention or goal established by the breather.

Each session is a unique self-healing adventure. For approximately one hour, you will lie down, relax and engage in deep, connected breathing (continuous breathing with no pauses). You will be taught how to open restricted breathing patterns so your entire respiratory system is utilized. You will keep your awareness on the feelings and energy patterns in your body as you breathe. Integration is often very gentle and joyful and at times intense. The result is a deep state of relaxation and peace.

Breath Work is not therapy. It is an advanced technology which takes us beyond mind into the trans-personal realm. Because the technique works so deeply, you may accomplish in one session what could have ordinarily taken years.

Some people have one specific issue to deal with and may only come for one session, receiving the breakthrough they need. However most people have layers of issues that are all interconnected and therefore find that a series of 4 to 10 sessions at minimum is most beneficial.
in exchange for;
90 min- £60