I have dealt with shoulder pain for years.  After only one session, I was amazed with the almost immediate relief I felt.  I was even more amazed after experiencing the long term positive effects. The process itself is fast and effective, and the atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing. Thank You! 


I've been to a lot of massage therapists over the past few years and none has been quite as unique as my experience with Monika.  While other therapists tend to simply gloss over a general area, Monika's trigger point method allows her to target pain and discomfort at the source.  You will find it hard to believe that muscles in your neck can be pinpointed and yet a release can be felt down your back and arm and all the way up to your temple.


I have been a client of Monika Godes ever since 2010 in Nottingham.  She has always shows absolute professionalism but still manages to make you feel like a special friend. I have lived with chronic pain for 12 years and Monika has been a lifesaver. I receive trigger point therapy about every three weeks and it is the number one weapon in my fight against pain. When I started years ago, I was in intense pain and my muscles where as hard as a rock. I was taking pain pills and muscle relaxers just to get through the day. I am not saying that I never have pain but I know that if I stay on top of it with the Trigger Point Therapy my life is improved richly and I am able to stay away from the medication. I would strongly urge anyone who suffers with chronic or acute pain to set up and appointment. You will find the relief you have been searching for.


I have been to many massage therapists and no one has ever worked so intently on a deep tissue massage like Monika does.  I suffer from lower back and neck pain, and she works out the knots until they are completely gone.  If you like deep tissue massage, you will not find a better therapist.  She listens when you describe where the pain is located and works on that area until pain has subsided.  Monika's hands are magic, she is, by far, the best massage therapist I have ever been too.


Just getting ready to put my head down for the night, brushing my teeth, and glance round at my bathroom cabinet, and see my box of pain tablets. I haven't touched that box for a week.

Oh wow, and not even thought about them.

Thank you so much

I had a really tough week too. Which makes me realise what an amazing job you did of balancing my energies and making them flow so easily.

We should do it again before the end of the year, if you're Nottingham.

Thank you again


Great massage! thank you.

I really enjoyed the dynamics today! The tension around my heart is compleatly gone and I feel so much more ballanced.

Thank You.


Hi monika , thankyou for the lovliest time and sharing your expertise and care .i can hardly believe how lucky i am to have found you and how wonderful you are.!


Thank you so much for my treatment!

I feel so much better. The sciatic nerve does not  bother me at all, and I can move my leg without any pain :)

You are very talented Lady and the trigger point therapy is intense but the way it works is really incredible!

THank You.


“Monika is a hugely talented massage therapist. I found the experience deeply healing. She seems to know where my body needs work. At the end, I felt like my body had been deeply cleansed.”


Monika, thank you for sorting my husband out! you are great!

He slept all night first time for a very long time.

His sinuses are much better and he can brief freely.

I would like you to see my son for the coal treatment- he has the same problem as Adam.

Thank you so much!


Just wanted to say thank you for today.

I feel like all my energies are more balanced than they have been for a while.

It was a wonderful surprise to find how cleansing the treatment was.