merge with the life force and give expression to your soul

My work is based in The Body Temple ( art of several body massage treatments combaine with bioenergetics and breath work), Wiccan Healing Traditions, Urban Shamanism,  Dance, Tantra and Bioenergetics; treating individuals by drawing appropriate ways to approach the object for healing or group encounters through Conscious Dance (based on 5Rhythms, developed by Gabriella Roth, Shakti Dance by Jewels Wingfield, Biodanza and Elemental Dance).


I have great passion for working with the Shadow aspect of existence - creating safe environments and witnessing traumatised individual in order to shift trapped energy and re-build the courageous approach to Life - it is my favourite and most effective style of healing.


I trust that Breath, Movement, Touch and Sound, combined with safe space, intention and attention can be the most profound way to tap into the stagnated energies in the body and create shifts in the energetic field(s) on all levels/ bring sense of healing and increese general well- being.


2006; Art of Living; Lodz; Yes+ ( breathing techniques- Krija Yoga)

2006; Art of Pe-Lo-HA; certification- practicioner.

2006- 2007; Anathomy and Phisiology, Level 3.

2007; certification- Swidish Massage.

2008; Art of Living; Taraska; 6 day Leve l2 silent Krija.

2008; certification- Sports Massage.

2009; certification- Thai massage. .

2009; Vipassana.

2009; certification; Bioenergetics.

2009- 2016; Journey with Shamanic Arts of Healing.

2010- 2011; certification; Reflexology.

201; Womb Blessing with Miranda Grey.

2011; Vipassana.

2011; certification; Trigger Point Therapy.

2012; Dark Eros. Osho Leela.

2012; Conscious Sexuality. Osho Leela.

2013; Angelic Reiki.

2013; 5 Rhytms, Biodanza.

2013; Initiation to Tantra..

2013; Vipassana.

2013; Shadow Work.

2014; Angelic Reiki.

2014; Initiation with Juels Wingfield.

2014; Fire Walking Instructor. Sundoor Iniciation Shool.

2014; Shakti Dance

2014; Alexandra Pope; menstrual Cycle.

2014- 2015;  Kundalini- Shakti Dance.

2014- 2016; Yoni Healing / Andrew Singer.

2015; Body De- armouring.

2015; Nutrition; Level 3.

2016; Kundalini Shakti Dance.

2016; Shamanic Arts of healing.

2016; Vipassana.

 I train Yoga for last 10 years.